By Age

Infant Rooms

Infant 1A and 1B Rooms, 0-6 months

Welcome to the beginning of your child’s childcare experience. In both of our 0-6 month rooms, the goal is to provide a loving and safe environment for your little one. Your child will be combined with three other children also within the birth to six month range. These children will become great friends as the years pass. We will encourage your child to achieve certain goals such as rolling over, sitting up and beginning crawling skills. During their stay in this room, we will work with them gaining the dexterity to hold and maintain their bottle, grasp large and small items and reach up when being picked up. Your child will enjoy our teacher’s silly songs and antics to achieve that great smile or laugh that makes our day worthwhile.

Infant 2 Room, 7-12 months

As your child gets older, they will move into our Infant 2 room. This room is designed for children ages 6 months to one year with more room to begin crawling and eventually walking. We work specifically on motor development and verbal skills in this room. Talking and singing to/with the children is an essential part of the day. Research has proven this greatly improves your child’s vocabulary. We work with your child to say simple sounds that will eventually become simple words such as “baba” and “mama”. We work with your child to reach for things outside their grasp to build their crawling ability. We play grasping games to improve dexterity. This is an exciting time in your child’s growth and development. Changes seem to occur daily and we are happy to be a part in your child’s life.

Infant 3 Room, 12-17 months

Happy Birthday to your precious little one! The first year has flown by and so much has happened from laying quietly in the crib to babbling away and crawling quickly into that same crib. In the Infant 3 room, our goal is to improve and refine on skills previously introduced as well as teach many new and exciting things. Your child will be exploring the outside playground every morning for the first time, so shoes are needed in this classroom. They also transition to the lunchroom for lunch and snack, gaining more precision in coordination. Also for the first time is the implementation of a schedule. Your child will have a group naptime, an art time, circle time, etc. Sippy cups and nap mats are now used instead of bottles and cribs. Your child is moving from their “me” world to a “we” world so teaching the concepts of sharing and being nice are a big part of our day. Meaningful social skills are learned during this age level.


Toddler Rooms

The Ones Room, 18-24 months

Welcome to the Ones Room, a uniquely designed room for the inquisitive and rambunctious toddler. We begin our day of learning in circle time, a time of reviewing colors, shapes and simple words , such as “cat”, “bottle” and “dog” using picture flash cards and other materials that relate. During the school year, the “Baby Can Read” system is used to teach these future readers. Your child will enjoy a variety of art activities during our daily art time. In addition, we work with your child on expanding their gross motor skills by playing soccer, bowling, kick ball, dancing and parachute games. Because the children are typically non- verbal (babbling), many times out of frustration and trying to relieve teething pain, children at this age and stage bite. We do our best to redirect or separate the biter from the group. Unfortunately, with our best effort, biting will and does occur. Our goal is that when leaving our room, your child is communicating more clearly, has mastered drinking from a cup and knows all the basic colors and shapes.

Tiny Two Room, 24 months until potty trained

Until now, your child has watched, learned and for the most part been relatively quiet but now is talking up a storm. Many physical as well as emotional changes are happening at this age. We are considered the “potty training” room and work diligently with the oldest five children of the class as they begin “potty training”. At two, children are still struggling to establish their place in the world so “mine” and “no” are frequently heard. Biting has been replaced with hitting. Our teachers are well equipped to deal with the ups and downs of the wonderful and terrible year of the two year old. Time-out time (a separation from the activity/group) is used to correct the occasional emotional and physical outbursts. Aladdin’s Tiny 2’s teachers work with your child expanding color knowledge by reviewing primary colors and introducing secondary shades and shapes. We start working on your child’s letter and number knowledge. Our goal is that your child grows to be a “lifelong learner’ and our class is that beginning.

Terrific 2's Room, Potty Trained - 36 months

Yippee! Your child has mastered “potty training” and is well on the way to being “pull up” independent! We take the children frequently to the restroom so they don’t backslide. If your child has been here, they enter out classroom knowing their basic colors and shapes. Repetition is the key to a toddler’s learning success. Several times a day, we practice our alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes during our daily art time. In addition, we work with your child on expanding their gross motor skills by playing soccer, bowling, and simple words. More words are added weekly to expand their vocabulary. We practice many cognitive and motor skills in the Terrific 2's class such as coloring in the lines, holding a pencil, and cutting paper in straight lines. Socially we work on sharing, using words like “please” and “thank you”, walking in a straight line, and staying in the center that we have been assigned. We are very happy to have you in our class.



Preschool 1, 36-42 months

Every strong and sturdy building starts with a solid foundation, the Preschool 1 class is ours. We start our day with a fun circle time. This is time that the children talk about their prior evening, discuss the upcoming day, learn and say the pledges and cover concepts such as “today,” “yesterday,” and “tomorrow”. Using our Scholastic curriculum , we cover several letters each week in addition, to a wonderful monthly theme. Within those themes are topic related books, neat crafts, and learning games. In Preschool 1, a lot of time is spent on letter knowledge, scissor dexterity and writing skills.When leaving our class your child should know most of the letters of the alphabet and be able to completely write their name. You will see a vast improvement in your child’s learning comprehension during their time in our Preschool 1 class.

Preschool 2, 43-52 months

With a strong foundation now laid, it is time to enclose our castle. The walls of our structure are made of review, refresh, and refine in the Preschool 2’s class. Our day starts with an exciting circle time where we review letters, shapes, numbers (English and Spanish). The children say the pledges and memorize days of the week and months of the year both in English and Spanish. A lot of our day is working on social development, such as “yes, ma’am,” “no, sir,” “please,” and “thank you”. The children also work on time management, learning to do things within a certain perimeter of minutes. Also in this class the children will refine their writing skills eventually writing their first and last name proficiently. I know that you are thinking...”Do they ever have fun?” The answer is “YES”! We love to sing! Singing is a great part of each day’s activities. We love to dance, having regular dance competitions with each other. During out- side time, we reduce stress by running, jumping and playing with our friends. Fun and learning is our theme!

Preschool 3, approximately 53 months until Kindergarten

Our castle is almost complete, we just need to top it off with an elegant roof. In the same way, the Preschool 3’s class does just that. As our premier “kindergarten like” room, your child will learn pre-reading skills, be taught science concepts and begin utilizing basic math skills. We continue to review and refine letter and number knowledge. Our goal is that your child be able to read simple words before going to school. Children in our class are encouraged to conduct themselves in a responsible manner, adhering to a nightly schedule of reading and a weekly homework night. We also teach our students to be respectful of other children and staff. Our children are truly the "cream of the crop" in terms of readiness for the school year ahead as they leave Aladdin's Castle.