How to Choose

Parents, it’s important to view and ask about a number of subjects when it comes to finding your child’s “home away from home”.
Aladdin’s Castle hopes that this list of questions will help you make that decision an easier one.

List first is the question you may want to ask any center that you are visiting. Second (in italics) are the answers that you will hear from Aladdin’s staff.

1.What are the child/staff ratios that you go by and what are the ratios allowed by Texas Minimum Standards of Child Care?


Texas Minimum Standards

Aladdin's Castle

Infants (0-11 Months)



Infants (12-17 Months)



One Year Olds (18-23 Months)



Two Year Olds



Three Year Olds



Four Year Olds



Five Year Olds



6-12 Year Olds




2.Tell me about your policy on CPR and first aid training?

Texas requires one person per area to be certified. Aladdin’s requires it’s entire staff to be certified in both.


3.Tell me about your policy on staff training?

Texas requires an initial employee to have eight clock hours of the required 24 clock hours for pre-service training to be completed before a caregiver is given responsibility for a group of children; and the remaining 16 hours of pre-service training must be completed within 90 days of employment. Within the first year and concurring yearly, caregivers need 24 clock hours of training; 30 clock hours of annual training for the director. Aladdin’s encourages its employees to achieve more than the minimum training hours required. Training hours and classroom performance are vital parts when assessing staff for raises in pay.


4.Do you have mobile phones on their vans/busses?

Aladdin’s Castle has mobile phones on all their vehicles in case of an emergency.


5. Does the child care have lesson plans and what are the class’s daily schedules? Will my child be in a learning environment or just in a babysitting facility?

Aladdin’s Castle is a Learning Center and has planned schedules for each activity and classroom. We use Scholastic “Clifford the Big Blue Dog” curriculum in our preschool classes and themed unites for our after school and toddler rooms.


6.What is the child care’s policy on who can pick up your child?

Aladdin’s Castle requires that each person present a valid I.D. prior to the release of a child. Aladdin’s also double checks the validity of the person picking up the child by checking the child’s release form. Each person allowed to pick up a child will have a security code of their own to clock the child in or out.


7.What are the center’s hours?

Aladdin’s is open from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday-Friday


8.What are the center’s bad weather and emergency procedures? How often are drills held?

Texas requires one fire drill each month and one tornado drill each 6 months. Aladdin’s holds 1 fire drill each month and 1 tornado drill each quarter. We are the only center in Odessa with emergency procedures and training in bomb detection and evacuation.


9.What happens if your child becomes ill, while in care?

Parents are called immediately and aid is rendered to make the child as comfortable as possible until parents can arrive. Each illness is handled on a case by case basis.


10. What monitoring plan is the center on?

Aladdin’s is on the best monitoring plan available, evaluated once a year.


Aladdin’s Castle urges to visit or (Search: Texas Child Care: DFPS site) to see business information and any violations and their weight on any center being considered.