Easing the Transition

Changing or starting new child care isn’t easy. A child’s first day of school can be filled with anxiety over the unknown-- a few tears, too. We focus on making the acclimation process as welcoming and worry-free as possible. And we’ll always be available should you have any concerns. We have found that the best technique to use upon your child’s experience at child care is:

Day one - Parent may hang around a while to allow the child time to adjust. Parent must also display excitement about their decision, children are better receptive to change if positive actions and feelings are given by all.

Day two - Parent may stay shorter time, and always remind the child that “they will be back”.

Day three - Parent needs to kiss and bear hug their little one and say goodbye quickly, again reminding the child “I will be back.”

Full acclimation can take up to 2 weeks, but we can all reduce this time of transition with support and quick goodbyes.