Our Approach to Ed

Aladdin’s Castle’s program concentrates on skills such as early literacy, logical thinking, problem solving, social understanding, physical activities that build coordination, creativity and positive character traits.

Part of this social and character development includes age--appropriate independence-- everything from putting on shoes and jackets to tying their shoes and making sure they wash their hands. Aladdin’s Castle also emphasizes problem and conflict resolution through talking about instead of acting out.

At Aladdin’s Castle, we:

  • Inspire inquisitiveness and develop a love for learning in students of all ages
  • Provide individualized child care for every child and active learning opportunities
  • Provide an active and colorful daycare environment that gives children room to grow and room to play
  • Partner with families to make them a critical part of the teaching team

By Concentrating on all areas of your child’s development, Aladdin’s Castle Learning Center creates lifelong scholars and good citizens.