Enrichment Programs

Our philosophy of education and child care emphasizes the importance of additional enrichment programs.

Aladdin’s Castle offers several enrichment options that stimulate children in daycare and allow them to learn while playing and exploring creative outlets. Some of the programs include:


Taught by Stretch-n-Grow instructors, this lively class is offered several times a year to boys and girls, ages 3-5 years old. This class teaches the children the basic positions of ballet as well as other fun activities for the children to do. The children love the “last 5”, a time at the end of class for free dance (just no running).

Mission Odessa

Mission Odessa is a faith-based ministry which servces the community in various ways. These wonderful volunteers take the time once a week to share God’s love with our children through bible study.


Can your toddler tell you where his gluteus maximus is? Is she able to show you how strong her triceps and biceps are? After a few classes of the Stretch-N-Grow program they will be able to do that and more!

All of our preschool classes attend a weekly program with a stretch-n-grow coach that will teach muscle names and their functions. Show your child different ways to exercise, and promote healthy eating & living!!

“We exercise and eat what’s wise, and we stretch, and we stretch, and we GROW!!!!”