Our Teachers

At Aladdin’s Castle Learning Center, we know that a solid educational foundation begins with teachers. That’s why our teachers are highly trained, highly motivated and highly responsive professionals, dedicated not just to daycare, but also to laying the groundwork for your child’s future academic and social success.

Our commitment to our staff begins with top-notch training. Prior to entering a classroom, a new staff member spends three days in a thorough training process:

Day one: Studying of an all-inclusive 8 hour child care booklet detailing brain development, developmental milestones and the care and teaching of young children.

Day two: Training from the Aladdin’s Castle Employee Handbook, including but not limited to: emergency procedures, shaken baby syndrome and signs of abuse and neglect as well as a complete tour of the facility.

Day three: Shadowing one of our lead teachers where they are taught with a “hands-on” approach.

That support continues throughout their careers with ongoing assessments, continuing education and training opportunities.

From teachers and administrators to our support staff, Aladdin’s Castle is dedicated to the growth of your child.

Come see why Aladdin's is rated "Best in the Permian Basin."