The Tiny Hiney Room

The “Tiny Hiney” class is specifically designed as an intimate setting for our infants ages 4 weeks to 6 months old.  In this room, the goal is to provide a loving and safe environment for your little one. We will encourage your infant to achieve certain goals such as rolling over, sitting up and beginning crawling skills.

During your child’s stay in the “Tiny Hiney” room, we will work with them in gaining the dexterity to hold and maintain their bottle, grasp large and small items and reach up when being picked up. Your child will enjoy our teacher’s silly songs and antics to achieve that great smile or laugh that makes our day worthwhile.

This room has only 8 babies enrolled with two teachers in the room “at the ready” to meet their every need.


Infant 2A and 2B


As your child gets older, they will move into one of our Infant 2 classes. These rooms are set up for the “growing” infant, age 6 month-12 month, with lots of room to crawl and explore. We work specifically on motor development and verbal skills in these rooms. Talking and singing to the children is an essential part of the day. Research has proven this greatly improves your child’s vocabulary.

We work with your child to say simple sounds that will eventually become simple works such as “baba”, “dada” and “mama”. We work with your child to reach things outside their grasp to build their crawling ability. We play grasping games to improve small motor dexterity. Changes seem to occur daily and we are happy to be a part in your child’s life. Rooms are colorful and beaming with activity for our ever-curious babies.

The ratio in these rooms is 4/1.

Infant 3A and 3B

Happy Birthday to your little one! Infant 3 classes are babies age 12 month-18 month. “Toddle and waddle” are what we do in these classes. In addition to refining and improving fine motor skills such as picking up small items and eating with a spoon, we work on gross motor skills with focus on core exercises to help with standing, walking and running. Your child will be exploring the outside play yard every morning for the first time, so shoes are needed in these classrooms.


The children also transition from eating in the room to eating in the cafeteria. For the first time, your child will be on a regimented schedule of activities during the day, art time, circle time, story time and naptime to name a few. Sippy cups and napping mats are used instead of bottles and cribs. Your child is moving from their “me” world to a “we” world so teaching the concept of sharing and being nice are a big part of our day. Meaningful social skills are learned during this age level.

The ratio for these rooms is 5/1.