Toddler 1

Toddler 1 class includes children 18 months to 2 years.  This room is uniquely designed for the inquisitive and rambunctious toddler. We begin our day learning in circle time, a time of reviewing colors, shapes and simple words using flash cards and other materials that relate.  During the school year, the “Baby Can Read” system is used to teach these future readers.  You child will enjoy a variety of art activities during our daily art time.


In addition, we work with your on expanding their gross motor skills by playing soccer, bowling, kick ball, dancing and parachute games.  Because the children are typically nonverbal, many times out of frustration and to relieve teething pain, children at this age and stage bite.  We do our best to redirect or separate the biter from the group.  Unfortunately, with our best effort, biting will and does occur.  Our goal is that when leaving this room, your child is communicating more clearly, has mastered drinking from a cup and knows all the basic colors and shapes.

The ratio is for this room is 9/1.

Toddler 2 and 3


Until now, your child has watched, learned and for the most part been relatively quiet but is now talking up a storm.  Many physical as well as emotional changes are happening at this age.  The Toddler 2 and 3 rooms are considered our 2-year-old “potty training” classes.  At two years, children are still struggling to establish their place in the world so “mine” and “no” are frequently heard.  Biting has been replaced with hitting.

Our teachers are well trained to deal with the ups and downs of the wonderful and terrible year of your two-year-old. Time out is used to correct the occasional emotional and physical outbursts seen by your child.  Aladdin’s Toddler 2 and 3 teachers work with your child expanding vocabulary, color and shape knowledge.  Our goal is that your child grows to be a potty trained “lifelong learner”.

The ratio in these rooms is 11/1.

Toddler 4

Yippee!  Your child has mastered going to the restroom.  In this room, children are frequently taken to the restroom to prevent backsliding.  Repetition is key to learning in this room, several times a day we practice our alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes.  More words are added weekly to your child’s ever-growing vocabulary.  We practice many cognitive and motor skills in the Toddler 4 room such as coloring in the lines, holding a marker, and beginning cutting skills.

Socially we work on sharing, using words like “please” and “thank you”, walking in a line, and staying in the center that we have been assigned.  This is the most significant room in your child’s developmental journey through Aladdin’s Castle Learning Center, next comes the academic journey through preschool.

The ratio for this room is 11/1.