Grievance Procedure

Although Aladdin's Castle makes every attempt to offer the highest quality care to all children and families, there may be occasions when parents have concerns about particular events, situations, or staff.  In this event, parents are encouraged to talk to their child's direct caregiver as a first point of contact.

If they have tried this without satisfactory results, or if the concern is serious enough to warrant immediate administrative review, parents are encouraged to contact Ms. April Terrell-Burns.  Ms. April will then schedule meeting as necessary with appropriate parties to gather relevant information before deciding on a course of action. Parents will be informed, as appropriate within confidentiality requirements, as to the result of Ms. April's inquiry and actions taken.

Again, our goal is quality childcare and we encourage parents to bring their concerns to us so that work together to ensure that quality.

T.D.F.P.S. Child Care Licensing Division

Aladdin's Castle is monitored under the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, Child Care Licensing Division. Childcare facilities are rated #1, requiring more inspections due to concerns and frequent deficiencies to #3.  We are on monitoring plan #3, which states that inspections are conducted every 10-12 months based on the fact that the operation consistently complies and/or whose deficiencies are few and promptly corrected.

Aladdin's Castle is also inspected by the Odessa Fire Department and the Ector County Health Department.  Our most recent inspection reports are posted on the board across from the account’s receivables desk. A copy of Minimum Standards is available for review in Ms. April's office. You may contact licensing by calling toll free to the following number, 1-800-862-5252 or by visiting the website at



Fire drills are conducted once a month and tornado drills once a quarter.  The director will sound the alarm. Each teacher will give instructions as to what the children should do.  Evacuation routes are posted in all classrooms and all exits are clearly posted. Children are taught "Stop-Look-Listen" technique. Stop what you are doing, look at the teacher, and listen to what to do and where to go. In the event of an evacuation from the building to an alternative location, we will use every vehicle necessary to get the children to a safe location. The location will be posted on the door as well as reported to the local news stations.

Emergency Preparedness Plan

In addition to the fire and sheltering/lock-down emergency (tornado) drills, Aladdin’s Castle has an evacuation/relocation plan.  As required by minimum standards, we have posted the evacuation/relocation diagram where children and employees may easily view it.    Aladdin’s Castle also has a lock-down drill in place for a volatile or endangering person on the premises or in the area.  Details on this plan are on a “need to know” basis and can be discussed with the director.    Our destinations locations in a center evacuation are:

West - Ector County Coliseum (parking on the south side) located at 42nd St. and Andrews Hwy.

East – Stonegate Fellowship, Odessa located at 4240 Preston Drive

North – Ratliff Stadium (parking on the west side) located at 7500 N Grandview

South – Woodson Park Aquatic Center (in the parking lot of the pool) located at 1020 E Murphy St.

Food Allergy Emergency Plan

Aladdin’s Castle is required to obtain food allergy emergency plans for each child with a known food allergy that has been diagnosed by a health-care professional.  These are posted in the kitchen, dining room and in the child’s classroom, and if applicable, carried on a field trip.

Hazardous Materials Emergency Plan


Aladdin’s caregivers wear gloves when handling blood or bodily fluids containing blood.  We are required to use, store, and dispose of hazardous materials as recommended by the manufacturer; follow the Centers for Disease Control protocols for handling blood or bodily fluids containing blood, including placing contaminated gloves in a sealed plastic bag and discarding them immediately; and place soiled clothing in a sealed plastic bag to be sent home with the child.

Child Abuse Reporting

The state of Texas requires that all members of childcare facilities to look for and report to the state any and all signs of child abuse and neglect toward a child.